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Pet Sitting

rabbit sitting norwich

    Pet Pixie knows that the world of pets doesn't end with Dogs and Cats. We are here to take care of your other pets too. From birds to rabbits, bearded dragons to fish, we will be there to make sure they are looked after while you are away.

We will ensure that your pet is fed and watered and that their enclosure is kept clean. Any long-haired pets will be groomed and kept tangle free.



We are happy to look after any species. Don't worry if you think your pet is too specialised to be looked after. We will ensure we get precise and detailed instructions from you. In addition to this we will thoroughly research the species prior to our visits.


reptile car norwich
hamster care norwich

We will keep you updated on how your pets are doing while you are away with messages and photos. Having your pets looked after also comes with the bonus of ensuring that your home is kept an eye on while you are away. We also offer additional services such as watering your plants. Just click on the button below for details.


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