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   All dog owners know how important a daily walk is for their pet. If dogs are left on their own for long periods of time they can develop behavioural problems such as chewing, digging and barking. These behaviours are normally the result of boredom or insufficient exercise. Pet Pixie provides a dog walking service that will be tailored to your dog’s individual needs.

Pet Pixie offers a professional dog walking service in and around Norwich. To give your beloved pet our undivided attention, we specialise in solo dog walks. We can provide walks that can vary from an explore around the woods, a trek on the beach or a simple trot around the streets where you live.

Initial dog walking consultations will be held with you at your home, and we will take your dog for a short walk together as part of this process. Pet Pixie will carry out a full behaviour assessment prior to any dog walking to assess your dog’s personality.

  • All dogs are walked on an individual basis.

  • Dogs from the same household can be walked together for an additional charge.

  • Each dog walk can be tailored to meet your dog’s individual needs.

  • We carry a pet First Aid kit at all times

  • For your peace of mind and the safety of your pet, dogs will be walked on lead.

We have a wide range of experience with a variety of dogs . We love walking dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments and will tailor each walk to every individual dog’s needs.

At Pet Pixie we are extremely flexible. We can provide anything from a daily routine walk to occasional dog walking service when you are struggling to get back home in time from work or away for a special event.


At Pet Pixie we know that not all dogs are able to go for a daily walk. Young puppies have to be fully vaccinated before they are able to go for public walks. This can be up to 14 weeks. With that in mind we offer a puppy sitting service. We are there to feed, water and entertain them and clean their toilet areas (which can be anywhere when they are not toilet trained!).

Poorly and elderly dogs

There are also some mature dogs that may not be able to go out for a daily walk. They may be recovering from surgery or simply in their twilight years. In these cases we will check, feed, clean and pet your dog. We are also happy to administer medicines if required.

Pet Sitting for Weddings and Events

Would you like your dog to be at a wedding or event with you but are worried that you can't give them your undivided attention? We can help with that too. Just contact us for availability.

Dog Sitting

Dog Walking

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