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Cat Care

pet sitting norwich

    Cats are independent creatures and often prefer to stay in their own environment rather than the confines of a cattery. Pet Pixie's cat sitting service is the perfect solution which allows you to leave your cat in the comfort of their own home. Our cat sitting service is the perfect alternative to boarding your cats at a cattery.



We will feed and water your cat and clean any litter trays. We will also play with them if they are playful, stroke them if they want cuddles or just provide general company if they are shy. It will be tailored to your cat’s individual needs, and can be provided once or twice a day depending on your preference.

As part of our cat care service, we will meet with you in your home so that we can see your cat in their own environment. We will always ensure we meet your cat prior to any cat sitting services starting.

cat sitting norwich

We will keep you updated on how your feline friends are doing while you are away with messages and photos. We can also offer additional services to help keep your home secure while you are away. Just click on the button below for details.


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